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Amia Bio · 19 year old Hispanic Female from Romania

5 ft 5 in / 165-167 cm
110 lbs / 49 kg
Bra Size:
Eye Color:
Black eyes
Hair Color:
Blonde Hair
Kinky Stuff:
Piercings, Tattoos, , Shaved
English, Spanish, Korean
Private Show: 5.00/min | Nude Show: 5.0/min | Party Show: 4.50/minute
Sexual Preference:
Favorite Position:
Ass Play, Bondage, Dildos, Discipline, Domination, Foot, Handcuffs, High Heels, Lace, Leather, Masturbation, Nurse/Doctor, Oral Fixation, Paddling/Spanking, Role Playing, Toys, Vibrators, Voyeurism
Turn Ons:
We have time for everything. To sleep, to run away in every rong dierction is posible.
To regret our mistakes and make them again, to judge others and forgive ourselfs.
Time to write and read. Correct what we wrote and regret what we wrote.
Time to make projects and never acomplish them ,grow ilustions so later we can rummage in their ashes.
We have time for ambitions and deseases, to blame the destiny and details.
We find time to banish our questions and delay the answers.
Time to crush a dream and then reinvent it .
Time to make friends and lose them, recive lessons and forget the semnification.
We have time for everything , we just can't find time for ourselfs.
I learned that u can not ask someone to love you, all u can do is be a lovley person.
I learned that nomatter howmuch i would care others might not care at all.
I learned that takes years to build confidence and you can lose it in 5 seconds or less.
I learned that nomatter what you think u have in life , all that actualy matters is who you have.
I learned that charm last about 10 minutes, after that you might need to know some thing else also.
I learned that u can still go on after u said many time u don't have strenght enought.
I learned that if someone does not love you as u would like, that does not means it doesn't love u at all.
I learned that wehn i am upset i have the right to be upset, but i dont have the right to be mean .
I learned that first i need to forgive my self so other can forgive me.
I learned how to love so i can be loved also .
Now u just need to see it trough my perspective
Turn Offs:
Hello, Is me  again
Im everywhere
And  im still rocking
Best looking  hair
Im on your tv
Im on your phone
I declar this  world a "Mia zone"
Im made of  cupcakes , ice cream  and  flowers
All men all helpless to my dark powers
They cant stop screaming , they dont kno why
They pee their pants and then they fall down and cry
All this men  got  Mia, Mia fever,
I got em drolling like golden retrievers
Ihey all bow down to me  cos i am their leader =))))))
Girls Alone
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Mia ,just a short cut from Maria. Old enought i must say,20. What? Isn't that old enought?
Europe, some where in Europe,land where i call home.
Not the perfect dream girl, but still , very close. And i don't even try hard.
Some times naughty , some times ironic, some times happy, but moust of the times crazy.
Not perfect , but very confident, nothing can brake me down !

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